Monday, June 11, 2001

Speech of the President of Democratic Party (PD)

Speech of the President of Democratic Party (PD)
Mr. Fernando La Sama de Araujo
Dili, June 10, 2001

Your Excellence Dr. Sergio de Melo, The UN Transitional Administrator in East Timor
Mr. Xanana Gusmao, the President of the Veteran Association
Mgr. Carlos Filipe X. Belo, SDB, Bishop of the Diocese of Dili,
Brigader General Taur Matan Ruak, Commander of Defense Force of East Timor
Diplomats accredited in East Timor
Leaders of the Political Parties

Cadres, members, militants, followers of the Democratic Party whom I trust
and respect

And ladies and gentlemen,

In the name of the Democratic Party (PD) and myself, I would like to thank you for taking part in this ceremony. Today is a historic day for the Democratic Party.

The formation of PD was not meant to increase the number of the political parties, but to strengthen the democracy amongst East Timor's people based on the coexistence of cooperation with all political parties for the interest of our people.

Because of the past experiences that our people have experienced prior to the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, today, many people are afraid to talk about political parties. Their concern is legitimate, however, if we want to build a new nation based on democratic principles, the role of the political parties is paramount in order to carry out democracy based on the experience we have witnessed, heard and read concerning political parties in the
democratic countries around the world.

We have also heard that political parties are precursors of war. PD does not believe that there will be war because our people are tired of living in war and suffering, also tired of injustice as a consequence of war. Therefore, if we continue to talk about war, we are revealing that we do not
trust in our own capacity as leaders to bring this new nation forward.

Others have oppressed us, the people of Timor, also are tired of being under foreign domination. Thus, PD appears to send another message, which people wish to hear- a message that would bring people peace of mind. This is the message: PD detests war, overlooks all the indecency of the political leaders in the past; detests hatred and revenge resulted from the misconduct
of the political leaders. Aspires to build a democracy on the bases of reconciliation and mutual respect. Thus enables the people of Timor Loro Sae to build a new nation free from injustice and war, and to give every Timorese the opportunity to move forward as a nation, a nation that counts on its economy, political system and people's wisdom.

PD acknowledges that we cannot escape from globalization process. Therefore, PD will develop a policy that would favor cooperation with other nations especially those whose missions have been accredited in Timor Lorosae. PD Believes that together we will build a strong democracy trough our knowledge abroad and our experience from within the East Timor.

PD is a political alternative that will confer a healthy contribution to democracy in days to come, because the desire of PD is to embrace all the people of Timor Loro Sae, who can contribute their knowledge and experience in development the country based on the history, culture and political
system that the people of Timor Loro Sae had faced until this historic moment.

PD detests all kind of violence took place in East Timor.

With its human resource, PD can contribute to the development of a just and democratic government based on the rule of law.

PD believes that democracy will flourish in East Timor because our tradition of "Tesi lia", which has been practiced for centuries in the districts and sub-districts and they're own respective " Knuas" reflects the very same principle of democracy. PD will look into the ways of combining traditional system " Consensus Building" and the new practices of democracy based on
East Timorese traditional values and western democratic values.

PD believes that its political program will be carried out with success because of human resources available, expertise and experience of its members. However, it is conscious that the success will also depends on the coexistence and cooperation with other political parties in Timor Loro Sae. Thus, PD is determined to work with all political parties on the basis of
mutual respect of the principles and beliefs of each political party.

PD believes that the relationship with our neighbors is tantamount for the stability and peace, pre-requisite for the implementation of democracy, economic development, and guarantees for the well being of the people. Therefore, PD will ensure to develop a good neighborly relationship with our neighbors in every levels including political, economic and security cooperation.

To conclude, PD would like to inform you those who are present in this ceremony and those who are unable to come, that PD's vision above mentioned can become a reality only when all the people of Timor Loro Sae live in equal footing under the rule of law and mutual respect of individual freedom of expression according to democratic principles that PD defends.

In this opportunity, and before I conclude, the Democratic Party, want to remind and appeal to all of you to contribute your strength, knowledge and experience to the political party that you have chosen. The Democratic Party respects your freedom of choice and its doors are wide open to every citizen of Timor Loro Sae. If you want democracy and the new political alternative
you are welcome to join PD!

Long Live PD!