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Strutura PD 2006-2011


Fernando "Lasama" de Araujo


1. Adriano do Nascimento

2. João Boavida

3. Jose "Burras" Nominando


Mariano Sabino "Assanami"


1. Francisco da Costa "Borolaco" Soares

2. Eusebio Guterres

3. Samuel Mendonça

Fernando "Lasama" de Araujo

Lasama was born on 26 February 1963, in Manutasi, Ainaro District, Timor Leste. Lasama is President of the largest opposition political party in Timor Leste, the Partido Democratico.

At age 12 Lasama witnessed the murders of eighteen of his relatives by invading troops during the early days of Indonesia's invasion of Timor Leste in 1975. From 1975 to 1999 Lasama peacefully worked to inform the world of the human rights violations committed by the Indonesian government against the Timorese people. During the early years of the Indonesian occupation, he lived in the mountains of Timor Leste along with hundreds of thousands of other displaced civilians. Lasama completed High School in Dili and studied literature at the University of Bali from 1985 - 89.

In 1988 Lasama founded RENETIL (Resistencia Nacional dos Estudantes de Timor-Leste) the largest East Timorese student independence movement in Indonesia, as such it was a clandestine political organisation responsible for organising East Timorese students and intellectuals throughout Indonesia and East Timor. Secretary General of RENETIL, 20 June 1988-2000. Clandestine political organisation responsible for organising East Timorese students and intellectuals throughout Indonesia and Timor Leste (in the following cities: Dili -- Direccao Geral de RENETIL em Timor-Leste, Denpasar, Mataram, Ujung Pandang, Surabaya, Malang, Madiun, Jember, Solo, Salatiga, Jogja, Semarang, Cirebon, Bandung, Jakarta, and Lampung). Branches in Portugal (Direccao Autonoma de RENETIL do Exterior), Australia, England, and Ireland.. Its membership numbered in the thousands.

In November 1991 Lasama was arrested, tortured and imprisoned in Denpasar Bali by Indonesian authorities. Only days earlier Indonesia troops had massacred hundreds of East Timorese students at the Santa Cruz Cemetery in Dili. In September 1992 and as a political prisoner he was found guilty of Òsubversion of the stateÓ by the Indonesian government and was incarcerated in Cipinang Prison, Jakarta, Indonesia - where he joined the leader of the East Timorese resistance - now President of the Democratic Republic of East Timor - Xanana Gusmao. Subsequently, he was named a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International and was awarded the 1992 Reebok Human Rights Award. Due to his imprisonment he was unable to receive the award in person.

Political Prisoner, Subversion Against the State. Cipinang Prison, Jakarta, Indonesia. Prisoner of Conscience, Amnesty International, 1992. 25 September 1992-23 March 1998. Political Prisoner, Salemba Prison, Jakarta. 23 March 1992-25 September 1992. Political Prisoner, POLDA Jakarta Police Headquarters Prison. 22 December 1991- 23 March 1992. Political Prisoner, POLDA Nusa Tenggara Prison, Denpasar, Bali. 24 November 1991-22 December 1991.

With the fall of Indonesian President Suharto and the rise of the Indonesian Reformasi movement Lasama was conditionally released in 1998, being prohibited from engaging in political activities.

In 1999 Lasama was responsible for planning and coordinating the CNRT's (Conselho Nacional Resistencia de Timor-Leste) campaign for independence in Timor Leste before the United Nations conducted Popular Consultation in August, which resulted both in an independence vote - as well as the violent rampage by pro-Indonesian militias and their patrons in the Indonesian security services - resulting in the deaths of thousands and the wholesale destruction of East Timor's infrastructure. Lasama was Head of Social Communications Section (Seccao Comunicacao Social), Comissao de Planeamento e Coordinacao da Campanha (CPCC-CNRT). July-September 1999. As such he was responsible for planning and coordinating the campaign for Independence: Printed Materials (leaflets, posters); Radio (Program Oras To'o Ona -- Radio Timor Kmanek and Radio Republik Indonesia); Television programs (Media Center, Dili); Distribution of campaign information throughout Timor Leste. Lasama was also Director/ Penanggungjawab, Vox Populi (Daily Newspaper during CNRT Campaign for Independence). July 1999. Co-Founder, Talitakum (Weekly Magazine). March 1998. Co-Founder, Lalenok (Weekly Tabloid in Tetun). January 2000.

From late 1999 - 2001 Lasama pursued study and teaching activities at the University of Melbourne only to return to Timor Leste and found the Partido Democratico (PD) in June 2001 under the auspices of the United Nations Transitional Administration of East Timor. In the General Election of August 2001 PD won 8.72% pf the vote, securing 7 seats in the National Parliament, forming the largest Opposition Party to the governing FRETILIN Party. His basis of support comes from the country's youth, who form the country's majority demographic grouping. In October 2001 he was appointed Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and served in this post until May 2002, after which he left government. He has since concentrated his efforts on building a strong opposition movement, furthering the democratization of Timor Leste's political institutions and national dialogue. Lasama was re-elected President of PD at the first National Congress held in Dili in September 2006.

Lasama has conducted speaking tours on East Timor's struggle, human rights, environmental and international relations issues around the world and in countries as diverse as Japan, the UK, Ireland, Portugal, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Lasama speaks five languages including his native Mambai and Tetum as well as Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese and English. He lives in Timor Leste's capital, Dili, and is married to Jackie Siapno with one child, a son named Hadomi.

Fernando "Lasama" de Araujo. Moris iha Ainaro iha 1966 hosi inan aman agrikultor. Hanesan Prezidente PD, "Lasama" koiñesidu tebes iha baze tamba nia hahalok haraik an, simples no terus no moris hamutuk ho povu. Nia husik hela nia estudu iha Universidade Udayana Bali, hodi lidera no organiza movimentu kontra regime Soeharto no okupasaun ba Timor-Leste. Hanesan konsekuensia, nia tama iha kadeia Cipinang Jakarta, durante tinan 9. Mundu internasional respeita nia konsistensia no komitmentu ba luta ukun rasik an hodi fo nia premiu Reebook prize. Iha ukun an, Lasama, uluk, sai mos hanesan membru Parlamentu Nasional hosi PD no Vice Ministru Negosiu Estrangeiru RDTL.


Adriano do Nascimento

Adriano do Nascimento was born in 1971 in Holbelis Suai, and is one of the three Vice Presidents of the Partido Democratico. He received his BA in Education Nusa Cendana University, Kupang in 1997 with a certificate in English. He has undertaken program Design training in Thailand, Leadership training in Indonesia and Local government and Community Coaching in Australia. He has worked for the Catholic Relief Services, Lao Hamutuk and the ANZ Bank Dili. He also acted as a teacher in Suai from 1997-2001.

Do Nascimento won 22.5% of the vote in the 2001 elections for Suai District Representative as part of elections for the Constituent Assembly. In 2000-2001 he was a member of the Suai District Advisory Council. Between 1998-2000 do Nasciamento was a coordinator for the East Timor Student Solidarity Council in Suai in the conduct of the political campaign for the independence of East Timor, liaison between ETSSC National and district, and CNRT and FALINTIL. From 1996-1997 he acted as General Coordinator of the East Timor University Student Association/IMPETTU in Kupang responsible for liaison with other university Student's Associations, coordinating capacity building program for East Timorese University and senior high students in Kupang, Indonesia and raising and managing funds. Furthermore do Nasciamento has led CRS Peace Building team to the CRS Peace building regional technical meeting in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, 2006; participated in Second Catholic Peace Building Network Conference in Davao City, the Philippines, 2005; participated in regional conference on Global Partnership for Prevention of Armed Conflict in Manila, the Philippines, 2005; led CRS Peace Building team to the CRS Peace building regional technical meeting in Anti polo city, the Philippine, 2005; led CRS Peace Building team to the CRS Peace building regional technical meeting in Mindanao-the Philippine, 2004; participated in Regional workshop on peace education in Medan, Indonesia, 2003; presenter "Community Reconciliation in East Timor" in a five days workshop on reconciliation organized by South East Asia Conflict Study Network in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2003; presenter "The Role of Civil Society in Conflict prevention and Peace building in East Timor" in Lesson Learning workshop on peace building in Bali, Indonesia, 2003; panelist in the workshop on Millennium Development Goals organized by UNDP East Timor in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2003; participated in Conference on Sustainable Development/UN Prep COM in Bali, 2002; co-founder Independent Center for Timor Sea/CIITT, a national Network for Timor Gap issue (maritime boundary, oil and gas revenue and environment); participated in South East Asia Australia Offshore Conference in Darwin Australia, 2002; presenter in a seminar on Timor Gap issue, Darwin Australia; participated in Oil Watch Conference in Bali, 2002; Facilitator La'o Hamutuk's Radio program "Equality program" in Radio Timor Lorosa'e, 2002; testified the killing in Suai to 24 committee on de-colonization hearing in UN Head Quarters, New York, USA 1999; conducted Free East Timor campaign in USA, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Belgium in 1999; conducted lobby for East Timor Independence with US president's Security Adviser in White House and US Senators, 1999; co-founder of Conflict Management Group, an national NGO which is now called KSI (Kdalak Sulimutu Institute), 1998. Do Nasiamento has published widely on the Timor Sea oil and gas issue. He speaks Buna', Tetun, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Adriano do Nascimento. Moris iha Suai. Agora dadaun hanesan vise presidente PD. Adriano ativu tebes iha halo advokasia ba Tasi Timor atu Timor bele hetan nia direitu nebe barak liu fo nasaun Australia. Adriano iha esperiensia barak servisu ho NGO internasional sira. Hanesan foin sae, Adriano mos ativu servisu ho rede juventude sira ba justisa no pas iha rai laran. Tamba nee, nia mos involve iha asaun sira nebe buka justisa no lia los ba povu Timor Leste. Adriano hasai nia sarjana pendidikan iha Kupang, Indonesia.


João Boavida

Boavida currently is one of the three Vice-Presidents of Democratic Party elected by the First National Congress held in October 2006 in Dili, Timor-Leste. He is a founding member of PD and a former political prisoner from Baucau District.

During the first years of the Indonesian occupation, he developed a clandestine network in Baucau in support of the Resistance, a fact that led to his arrest and deportation to Atauro Island in 1979. In 1980, the Indonesian Red Barrette Command flew him out of Atauro and made him work for them in Dili and then Baucau, a situation which defied his political belief and which forced him to flee the country for Indonesia in 1981 where he continued his clandestine activities for almost three years. In the end of 1983, he was forced to leave Jakarta for Singapore and then Malaysia and finally settled temporarily in Bangkok, Thailand where he worked with Jesuit Refugee Service for the Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees along the Thai-Cambodian border.

In 1985, he was granted a permanent Australian residence visa and left for Melbourne where he did his undergraduate studies in Political Science at the Melbourne University and Latin American Studies at the La Trobe University. In 1989, he gained a scholarship for Oxford University where he did his post-graduate studies first in Refugee Studies with major in Field Research Methodology and then in Anthropology for which he wrote a thesis titled the Fusion of Religion and Nationalism in East Timor: A Culture in the Making. He spent most of the 90s in Southern African countries where he held different professional positions with a variety of International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) and UN Agencies including JRS, UNDP, MSF, UNESCO and Oxford University in countries like Malawi, Tanzania, England, Mozambique and Greece.

He returned to East Timor in 1999 where he served as Political Officer for the United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET), Political Advisor for United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA), and Political/Constitutional Affairs Officer and Civic Education Officer for the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) in the UN professional capacity. In the last three years he has worked as Consultant and Country Representative of AUSTCARE, an Australian-based organization, in Dili, Timor-Leste. He also did some part-time lecturing for the Universities of UNDIL and UNTL in Political Science and Development Studies.

João Boavida ida mos husi Vise-Prezidenti nain tolu nebe hili liu husi Kongresu Nasional ba dala uluk, iha Outubro 2006 iha Dili, Timor-Leste. Nia mos membru fundador PD nian ida, no eis-dadur politku husi Distritu Baucau. Iha tinan hirak nebe Indonesia hahu okupa Timor, nia dezenvolve rede klandestina ida iha Baucau hodi tulun Rezistensia, hahalok nebe halo tropa Indonesia sira kaer no sulan nia iha Atauro iha tinan 1979. Iha tinan 1980, Indonesia ninia membrus husi Komandu Xapeu Mean sira lori nia sai husi Atauro, no obriga nia sevisu hamutuk ho sira iha Dili, hafoin iha Baucau, situasaun ida nebe ba hasoru ninia pozisaun politika, nune halo nia sai husi Timor ba Indonesia iha tinan 1981, iha nebe nia kontinua ho ninia atividade klandestina duranti besik tinan tolu laran. Molok tinan 1983 remata, nia tenki husik Jakarta ba Singapura, hafoin ba Malaysia hodi liu ba Bangkok, Tailandia, iha nebe nia servisu hamutuk ho Jesuit Refugee Services nebe fo tulun ba refujiadus husi Vietnam no Kambodia. Iha tinan 1985 hafoin nia simu tiha vistu rezidensia permanenti husi Governu Australianu, nia mos liu ba Melbourne iha nebe nia halao ninia estudu iha Universidadi Melbourne, iha area Siensias Politikas, no iha Universidadi La Trobe iha area konaba Amerika Latia ninia politka. Iha 1989, nia simu bolsa estudu ida ba Universidadi Oxford, iha nebe nia hasai uluk kursu ida konaba Estudus Refujiadus iha area Metodolojia Investigasaun Movimentu Massal iha Kampu, hafoin nia hasai tan Antropolojia ho teze nebe hanaran Fusion of Religion and Nationalism in East Timor: A Culture in the Making. Iha dekada 90, nia moris no servisu iha rai balun Afrika nian, iha nebe nia kaer pozisun oin-oin ho organizasaun oin-oin hanesan INGOs no ajensia ONU nian nebe inklui JRS, UNDP, MSF, UNESCO no Universidadi Oxford iha Malawi, Tanzania, Inglatera, Mosambique no Gresia. Nia fila hikas mai iha Timor Lorosae iha tinan 1999, hanesan Ofisial Politiku ba United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET), hafoin sai nudar Konseleiru Politku ba United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA), no ikus liu hanesan Ofisial Politiku ba United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) ho kapasidadi professional ONU nian. Iha tinan tolu liu ba, nia servisu nudar Konsultor no Reprezentanti iha Timor-Leste ba AUSTCARE, organizasaun Australia nian ida iha Dili, Timor-Leste. Nia mos uluk hanorin tempu balun iha Universidadi UNDIL no UNTL iha Fakuldadi Siensias Politikas.


Jose "Burras" Nominando

Moris iha hatolia, Ermera, 31 Dezembru 1962. Agora dadaun hanesan vise prezidente PD. Pozisaun ida nee, nia hetan hahu kedas hosi bainhira PD hamrik iha tinan 2001 no re-eleitu iha kongresu nasional PD ba dala uluk iha Dili, iha 2006. Iha tempu rezistensia, Buras hanesan lider juventude nian nebe halao servisu makas ba ukun rasik an. Agora dadaun Buras mos hanesan membru Parlamentu Nasional hosi bankada PD. Nia mos kontinua fali nia estudu iha Unpaz no hanesan finalista iha Fakuldade Sosial no Humaniora.


Mariano Sabino "Assanami"

"Assanami," moris iha Luro (Lautem), 12 April 1971. Aktualmente hanesan Sekretariu Jeral Partidu Demokratiku nebe eleitu fila fali liu hosi Kongresu Nasional PD ba dala uluk iha Dili iha loron 1 Outubru 2006. Nia mos hanesan xefe bankada Partidu demokratiku iha Parlamentu Nasional. Durante reziztensia servisu makas hodi lidera no organiza frente klantesdina liu hosi Impettu no Renetil iha Indonesia. Nia mos hanesan Kordenador Mobilizasaun Politika ba kampa–e CNRT iha 1999. Hasai nia kursu hanesan Ingineiru agrikula iha Universidade Brawijaya no Sarjana Ilmu Politik iha STISOSPOL, Malang, Indonesia.


Francisco da Costa Soares

Francisco da Costa Soares alias BOROLACO, agora hanesan Vice Sekretariu Geral 1, PD nian. Nia moris iha Uato Carabau, Viqueque, 2 Fevereiru 1960. Hasai nia lisensiatura iha departementu politika, Fakuldade Social no Politika, Universidade Nasional Timor Lorosae. Hahu nia kareira politika hanesan estudante UNETIM iha tinan 1976. Tinan 1980 nia hetan pozisaun hanesan DK (?) Fretilin iha gerilya nia laran. Iha 1983- 1999, nia hanesan membru klandestina ba resistensia hasoru regime Indonesia. Tinan 1988 too 2000, Borolaco hanesan fundador DSMTT (Dewan Solidaritas Mahasiswa Timor Tmur).

Iha Untaet nia tempu, iha tinan 2000-2002, Borolaco hanesan Utusan Khusus (Special Envoi) Presidente Xanana Gusmao ba rekonsiliasaun Timor Leste-Indonesia ( Pro-autonomi no Pro Independencia.) Iha 2002- 2006, Borolaco hanesan Vice Secretario Geral PD nian no reeleitu ba pozisaun hanesan ba tinan 2006 -2011 iha Primeiru Kongresu Nasional PD iha Dili, 1 Outubru 2006 liu ba. Hanesan professional, oras nee dadaun, Borolaco hanesan Adjuntu Komisario ba Servisu Taxa iha Ministerio Planu no Financas nia okos.


Eusebio Guterres, SH

Moris iha Bobonaro 2 Agostu 1973. Agora hanesan vice sekretariu jeral PD. Uluk nia mos hanesan membru Parlamentu Nasional PD. Hasai nia sarjana hokum iha Jember, Indonesia. Hanesan ativista, Eusebio mos iha esperiensia makas iha servisu hamutuk ho trabailador sira liu hosi organizasaun nebe defende direitu trabailador sira nian. Eusebio mos koñesidu hanesan ema ida nebe kritiku tebes hasoru rezime Alkatiri durante nee. Hanesan profesional, Eusebio mos sai hanesan konsultan ba instituisaun internasional sira.


Drs. Samuel Mendonça

Moris iha Maubisse, Ainaro, 24 Dezembru 1965. Agora dadaun hanesan Vise Sekretariu Jeral PD liu hosi kongresu nasional PD iha Dili, 1 Outubru 2006. Antes nee, nia hanesan komisariu politiku PD ba reziaun sentral. Iha tempu rezistensia, Samuel hanesan membru administrasaun CNRT no juru kampañe CNRT. Nia mos iha esperiensia servisu hanesan funsionariu publiku iha tempu Indonesia. Bainhira hanesan estudante iha Universidade Timor Timur, nia sai nudar xefe senadu Fisipol UNTIM. Hosi UNTIM nia konsege hasai nia sarjana politik.

Congresso Nacional 2006